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Name:Reno-ina: Princess Subtext
Birthdate:Oct 20, 1988
Location:Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Heya Bubs... I'm Genna (a.k.a. Reno-ina or Renocchi to my mates). In 'real' life I'm a university student studying Drama & Theatre Arts (with a focus on Scriptwriting in particular). Here in cyberspace I am a fandom geek extraordinaire. I eventually want to become an Author/Scriptwriter (actually, if I could, then I'd just solely be an Author... but one needs to bring in some proper cash, right?). So the majority of stuff you'll see on here will be fics, lovely piccys to accompany them, fandom-related chat (honestly, I'm a shameless fangirl, though luckily not rabid) as well as random commentary on my life and other such nonsense (there is a surprising amount of this too). I tend to type a lot... almost all my posts are long, intricate rambles... I apologise ahead of time. I really am as mad as I look and take a massive amount of pride in it... therefore I take no offense in being described as a complete and utter psychopath.

I lurve: Watching Movies, Reading/Writing Yaoi, Fanart, Fanfiction of All Types, Eating Chocolate, Shopping, My Laptop, The Internet, Books, Various Types Of Music, Scaring My Best Friends, Playing My PS2 and Xbox 360, Drinking Cocktails and Shots, Acting Like A Wacko, Having Half-Days At Uni, Lazing Around Watching TV Series On Boxset, Feeling Superior To Others, Ranting About Things That Annoy Me... and much, much more.

I dislike: Chavs, Spiders, Small Yellow Cars, Prejudice, The Overwhelming Urge To Eat Chocolate, Colouring In Artwork, People Who Refuse To Listen, Computer Problems, Slow Download Speeds, Wasps, Writer's Block, Networks Cancelling My Fav Shows, Badly Dubbed Anime, Trolls + Flamers, Injustices Against Fandom, Not Getting Enough Sleep... I could go on.

Interests (150):

.hack//sign, abarat, aliens, alkaline trio, andromeda, angel, art, band of brothers, battle royale, battlestar galactica, black lagoon, blood ties, bone, bonekickers, bones, boston legal, breaking benjamin, buffy the vampire slayer, bullet for my valentine, carnivale, casshern, category:freaks, chuck, clerks, collecting, cowboy bebop, dead leaves, deathnote, digimon adventure, digital art, discworld, dogma, dr horrible's singalong blog, dr who, dragons of pern, drawing, due south, emilie autumn, enya, estancia, eureka, fanart, fanfiction, final fantasy, firefly, foo fighters, fullmetal alchemist, fushigi yuugi, gears of war, gen, ghost in the shell, goggles, good omens, gormenghast, grand theft auto, grave of the fireflys, halo, hellblazer, hellsing, het, him, his dark materials trilogy, hot fuzz, house, hyperdrive, icon making, imogen heap, jak and daxter, jericho, kanon wakeshima, lackadaisy cats, last fantasy, leverage, life on mars, linkin park, looking for group, lord of the rings, lucifer, metallica, natural born killers, neurosonic, nickelback, nightwish, nine inch nails, novel writing, our lady peace, pitch black, placebo, pokemon, primeval, princess mononoke, pushing daisies, queer as folk, ratchet and clank, reaper, red dwarf, red vs blue, sahara, sarah mclachlan, scriptwriting, serenity, shade's children, shannara, shaun of the dead, shiny toy guns, sketching, sky blue, slash, spaced, spyro, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, starship troopers, suikoden, supernatural, symphony of ages, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the birthday massacre, the black magician trilogy, the devils whore, the hungry city chronicles, the lost world, the matrix, the mighty boosh, the noble dead, the old kingdom trilogy, the sandman, the terminator, the thursday next books, the unit, the wind on fire trilogy, the wire, the x-files, three days grace, titan a.e., tomb raider, top gear, torchwood, traditional art, transformers, transformers animated, transformers g1, trigun, trocadero, tsubasa: reservoir chronicle, video gaming, within temptation, yaoi, yu-gi-oh abridged, yuri

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