lil_lost_kitten: Becker from Primeval (Primeval - Becker Eyebrows)
Reno-ina: Princess Subtext ([personal profile] lil_lost_kitten) wrote on May 29th, 2009 at 08:50 pm
Wow, nice to see ya here, hun.

What is it you want help with exactly? If it's layouts that you wanna fiddle around with, then I'll direct you to THIS post by mintyapple. It's possible to import a number of different LJ themes if you'd rather work with them as opposed to the pre-existing styles (the transferrable LJ themes are: 3column, a novel conundrum, bloggish, expressive, flexible squares, mixit, nebula, smooth sailing, style contest & tranquility ii)... I almost always use flexible squares for my layouts so I imported it for this. mintyapple also has a few pre-made themes for the existing styles as well. Otherwise, everything pretty-much works the same as LJ here.
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